Skip Bin Sizes

Work out which of our skip bin sizes you need.

What size skip do I need ?

It depends on two main things – firstly, the amount of stuff you have to throw away and secondly, the size and shape of it. For example, long timber, steel or trees will need a longer skip.

It’s illegal for us to transport skips with items protruding over the top rim, so make sure you get the right size. Sometimes you may be able to break up or cut things to size to maximise the capacity of the bin. We will not be allowed to pick it up if it’s over-full.

Here are some examples

  • Single mattress – 3m Skip
  • Double Mattress – 4m Skip
  • Dishwasher, stove, sink and cupboards – 3m Skip if you break things down a lot
  • Walls, roofing, Timber frames – Cut things down then a 2m Skip may do,
  • Walls, roofing, Timber frames – Put it in the skip whole then a 4m or 6m skip may be required
  • Home renovation – a few rooms – Consider a 6m or 8m skip

How not to fill your skip