Skip Bin Sizes

Which bin size do you need?

What size skip do I need ?

Choosing the right skip size is essential for smooth skip bin hire, considering your waste volume and dimensions, especially for longer items like timber or steel. Strict legal compliance ensures items don’t protrude over the top rim of the skip.

Flexibility may allow breaking up or cutting items to optimize the bin’s capacity, but it requires caution and adherence to safety guidelines.

Maintaining awareness of the fill limit is crucial. Overfilling is legally prohibited, posing safety risks. Skips exceeding limits can’t be picked up, emphasizing the importance of choosing the right skip size for a successful waste disposal process.

Here are a few examples to guide your skip bin selection

  • Single mattress – 3m Skip Bin
  • Double Mattress – 4m Skip Bin
  • If you dismantle items like dishwashers, stoves, sinks, and cupboards, a 3m skip bin may suitable.
  • Walls, roofing, Timber frames – Cut things down then a 2m Skip bin may do,
  • Walls, roofing, Timber frames – Put it in the skip whole then a 4m or 6m skip bin may be required
  • For a home renovation involving a few rooms, consider a 6m or 8m skip bin.

How not to fill your skip